We believe in a world without borders.
As followers of Jesus our connections to the global church demand more loyalty than any connection to nation. Jesus is calling us to care for all people everywhere. For this reason, every year our church supports and sponsors the Texas Mennonite Relief Sale as an expression of our faith.

Join us at the Texas Mennonite Relief Sale, Saturday November 12 at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, 7901 Westview Dr (corner of Wirt and Westview), Houston TX, 77055. For more information call us at (713)464-4865.

Free admission ** Free parking

Quilts ** Crafts ** Baked Goods

Crafts made by Texan Mennonites

Silent Auction ** Penny Power

Ten Thousand Villages fairly traded handicraft

Ways you can help before the sale:
1. Donate something to the sale (crafts, quilts, baked goods, woodworking, a service, tickets, something for auction, business coupons, etc…).
2. Invite people to the sale! Encourage people and businesses to participate in the sale.
3. Check out for schedule, pictures of auction items, directions, etc…

4. Come to the sale! November 14th from 9AM to 4PM.

This is the 20th year for the Texas Mennonite Relief Sale! Over the years Texas Mennonites have raised and donated over $600,000 for World Relief! All proceeds from the Texas Mennonite Sale go to support the excellent work of Mennonite Central Committee. Learn more about how Mennonite Central Committee is working globally to fight hunger, disease, malnutrition, violence, etc… at their website.

Where will the proceeds go? We have selected three projeccts with Mennonite Central Committee. Here they are:

Project #1: Penny Power
Food The world produces enough food for everyone, yet millions go hungry everyday.  MCC Penny Power helps hungry people have food for today, grow food for tomorrow and share food for all.  

Two places that will benefit from Penny Power this year include Tanzania and North Korea. In Tanzania, Africa a drought, combined with the effects of HIV/AIDS left many communities and orphans in need of food. In North Korea, Asia less than 20% of the land is farmable and does not produce enough to feed the countries 22 million people.

Our goal for Penny Power collection in 2009 is $500,000 US for all US Relief Sales. HMC has thus far raised $400for Penny Power in 2009!

Project #2: Congo: Menno Santé

Menno-Santé (Mennonite Health), is a multi year campaign to revitalize Mennonite hospitals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Your contribution will support hospitals with aging facilities and few resources.

Nearly two decades of war, economic hardships and the departure of foreign missionaries, who once provided a steady stream of funds and supplies from abroad, have taken a serious toll on the hospitals.

Menno-Santé is focused on building the capacity of the hospitals through the provision of essential medications and supplies and training for hospital staff. Support from MCC offers renewed hope to doctors and nurses who work in the hospitals. People who live in the region are thankful for improved access to health care and medicines.

MCC is seeking to raise a total of $630,000 in the multi-year campaign: $140,000 is needed each fiscal year 2009 through 2013. $28 pays for the daily medications sold at a hospital pharmacy. $500 helps maintain stable salaries for hospital management staff for one month. $1,500 provides transportation ( a driver, a reliable vehicle and a mechanic) and delivery for three months supply of medications to a rural hospital.

Project #3: Asia Disasters

MCC has committed $250,000 and is appealing for donations to assist people in South Asia whose homes and lives were devastated by recent earthquakes and flooding. Recent typhoons and earthquakes have killed thousands and left millions displaced.  Your contribution will help provide immediate shelter, food and other emergency supplies to people in Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam. 

In Indonesia, MCC will rebuild homes in the village of Guci, where about 95 percent of the homes were destroyed, and in the city of Padang. MCC’s partner, Mennonite Diakonial Service, is currently providing health care, trauma healing exercises and locally purchased relief packets of food and other necessities. Mennonite Diakonial Service is the disaster response arm of the Gereja Kristen Muria Indonesia, the Muria Mennonite Synod.

In addition to this appeal, MCC is contributing $500,000 Cdn., or $480,000 U.S., from its account at the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, raising MCC’s total relief effort to $760,000 Cdn., or $730,000 U.S.

Money from the Canadian Foodgrains Bank will buy about 1,000 metric tons of rice, which will be distributed by MCC partner Church’s Auxiliary for Social Action in a food-for-work program for longer-term projects, including repairing huts and houses, de-silting agricultural land, cleaning wells and repairing roads.



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