Supporting Fair Trade through Ten Thousand Villages is one of the main ways we express our care for the world around us as a congregation. The store was the vision of our former pastor, Dayvid Graybill and of the Houston Mennonite Church.
Consider volunteering and shopping at the TTV store in Rice Village, 2424A Rice Blvd, Houston TX 77005. (713)533-1000.

The third Sunday of every month we volunteer to run the store, but you can volunteer anytime!

Facts about Fair Trade

We at HMC drink our theology, by serving only fair trade coffee from Ten Thousand Villages at our church gatherings!

Did you know that the entire Fair Trade movement was begun by a Mennonite woman? Yes! What is today a growing international movement began with the vision of one Mennonite missionary artist who decided to sell the crafts of Central American woman in her Pennsylvania hometown.

Amanda Kloer, editor of suggests that shopping Fair Trade is an excellent way to end slavery. “By buying fair trade goods, you reduce the demand for cheap, slave produced goods and support companies who prioritize fair work and fair pay.”


One Response to “Fair Trade”

  1. […] Thousand Villages is one of the world’s oldest fair trade organizations, begun by Mennonite missionary Edna Ruth Byler whose love for God and people sought […]

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