As followers of Jesus Christ (himself a victim of the death penalty), we believe that all forms of capital punishment are evil and against the will of God.

As citizens of Houston, we acknowledge that Texas has killed more people than the rest of the country combined, with Governor Rick Perry putting over 200 men and women to death during his time in office. It is time for this outrageous policy to come to an end!

Did you know that, according to Mennonite Central Committee, every Western democracy but the U.S. has abolished the death penalty? We believe, with MCC, that the death penalty is inequitable; that innocent people could or might have been killed; the death penalty costs as much or more than life imprisonment; the death penalty does NOT deter crime; and most importantly that a holistic view of scripture points to the abolition of the death penalty. (To read the full MCC document click here ). But, as one of our members has stated, “We don’t advocate for their lives because they are or are not Christians. We advocate for their lives because we are Christians.” Amen.

In the summer of 2001 our denomination passed a resolution calling for the end of the death penalty. To read the resolution click here. Again in August 2009 a group that our congregation is a part of decided it was necessary for us to pass a resolution against the death penalty. The Western District Conference passed the following resolution, (click here).

You can read a more in-depth narrative approach against the death penalty here.


3 Responses to “Death Penalty”

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